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Its Game time

For those who love gaming then it’s hard to look past the Xbox One. It’s packed with an 8 Core x86 processor which enables multi task between games, movies and apps. The Xbox One allows you to watch Blu-Ray in amazing HD quality. The key factor in how the console allows you to do this switching is it has two different operating systems running together. One OS is based for the gaming side where the other is a Windows system, giving you the best of both worlds.
Attention to detail is another thing that you get with the Xbox one, especially in its Controllers. The controls will automatically pair Via Kinect and now has more built in impulse buttons than ever before. The fit in your hand is also something you will notice; it’s designed to have maximum comfort for the user.

What has to be one of the most impressive technologies the Xbox One gives you is the Kinects overhaul. Vision wise, it’s now far greater than before with a new camera that can even see in the dark and detect if you are off balance. As to motion and gesture this is something which has truly been refined, now just a small hand gesture can be picked up. Also added is a new set of microphones that can detect your voice in a group and allows you to control your Xbox One via speech. For example opening up a movie you wanted to watch, “ Xbox play …..”

Interact with your Mobile and Xbox One. This works on Android devices with 4.0 or greater, Windows 8 phones and i0S. All you need to do is go to the relevant App store and download Xbox SmartGlass. Once you have this it will enable your phone or tablet to interact with the Xbox One. Allowing you to pause and rewind from your phone, surf the web and fully navigate through the Xbox menu.

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