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Photo Back up

Smartphones have quickly become the most popular way of taking photos. Standalone digital cameras definitely take better quality images but do little else, whereas the smartphone is a multi-talented little fella that is by your side 24/7. Unfortunately this means if you lose your sparkly new handset, you could also lose a lot of data, including those super-selfies you took in the toilet last night.

If you have an Android phone, one of the best ways of backing your photos up is the Google+ app. Once installed (click here) you will also notice a companion app called “Photos”. The first time you open this app it will prompt you to turn on “Auto Backup”. Simply follow the prompts and all of your photos will be automatically backed up to your Google account online! You can access your uploaded shots via your Google+ account on a PC here.

The default Auto-Backup settings will upload your photos at full resolution but this can be changed to save your online storage space (Google gives you 15GB for free). You can also decide when backups can take place; I prefer my phone to only backup when connected to Wi-Fi and charging, just to prevent it chewing through my mobile data plan and destroying my precious battery life.

To tweak your settings click the 3 dots in the top right of the Photos app and select “Settings”, then “Auto-Backup” 

As well as Google storing your images online, they also apply some automatic editing to improve your photos and on the odd occasion Google will “Auto-Awesome” some of your photos too.

Auto-Awesome is a feature that tweaks certain photos that you upload into mini-videos, motion shots and Andy Warhol style mix-shots; Google will even add falling snow to a photo if it contains a wintery scene!

Overall the Google+ and Photos apps provide a great backup service with the extra bonus of adding a little magic to your photos without you having to do a single thing!


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