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Smartphones the device for gaming

It’s been reported that more money last year was spent on Mobile phone game apps than on handheld console games. A big part of this is due to the ease of use and accessibility of the games, either via the Android Market or the Apple store. Plus also the price of the Mobile far games id far less than that of the handheld consoles.

Reported by the telegraph “Nintendo announces a 30 per cent dive in profits for the third financial quarter, and an operating loss of 1.58 billion yen (£8.78m). Nintendo's poor results were blamed on weaker-than-expected Wii U console sales, as gamers are enticed by cheap downloadable smartphone games” and this runs true with what our survey finds as over 70% of people we asked use games on their phones INSTEAD of a handheld console.

The current top Paid game for android is Minecraft created by Mojang, this is currently available for £4.99 from the app store. While Apple’s Top game is “The Room 2” for £1.99. With advancing graphics and larger HD screens becoming more popular than ever we can only see game growth in the mobile industry.


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