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Twitter Share Drops

Social Networking giants Twitter took a large drop in share price dropping around £396 million after the company showed a slowdown in growth. The amount of people using Twitter at least once a month has now dropped by 9% year on year.

Twitter investors understand this current loss, seeing it more as an Investment phase. This being said they are carefully watching for incoming revenues and the amount of users joining and using Twitter.

From our recent DPC survey we found interestingly that over 74% have a twitter account however only a Third of these tweet more than once a month. This linking in with the worldwide trend of the drop in the number of people tweeting each month. What we found is the main use of twitter is as a News feed for people or groups they are interested in.

Twitters are in the process of improving its overall experience by adding the option of sending and receiving photos direct and also giving the user a custom timeline.

Twitter brings in there revenue largely from selling advertising space and is working hard alongside companies to improve and grow this side of the business. One of the biggest advertise on Twitter is the Mobile phone industry where company’s use Twitter to let their followers know about special promotions and Sales. Follow us at digital phone Company to keep informed of all out latest deals. Digital Phone Company


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