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Which Sony Xperia for me?

Since Sony has taken over form Sony Ericsson the Xperia brand has grown from strength to strength. A major part in this is due to Sony being able to use their expertise and resources from there massive portfolio of technology. If you think music, Sony introduced the Walkman in 1979 and has flourished in the music industry since then. Camera’s is another industry where Sony has been market leaders and innovators. The movie industry is another place where SONY is at the forefront with SONY pictures, with them recently picking up 4 Golden Globe awards. And not forgetting gaming and the PlayStation brand. Taking in all of the above is what really makes us excited about the Sony Xperia range as they have integrated the Walkman, PlayStation, Movies and Camera technology into the handsets.

Now how to decide which Xperia handset is for you. Obviously cost is a major factor and Sony have this covered by offering handsets at a full spectrum starting from the Sony Xperia E which is a great either 1st time smartphone user or gift for someone this is a 3.5” display handset which has Sony’s Walkman built in, Then going all the way to the top Sony Xperia Z1 and everything in between. The best way to break these down into categories is to look at the major areas that effect cost which I see as Size, Camera, and Processor speed.

As the market tread seems to be going for larger and larger phones there is plenty of options here with Sony. If size is something you want then choice wise you should look at Sony Xperia Z at 5” screen it is also fully waterproof with an impressive 13 mega pixel camera which is packed with Camera technology such as Superior auto which always selects the right mode for your shot. The Xperia Z1 is the next step up from the Z it still has the 5” screen but what you gain with the Z1 is the Camera is improved to 20.7MP plus the camera has a Sony G Lens on board, This gives you digital camera quality in a smartphone. Another great thing about the Xperia Z1 is the Triluminos display it has giving your photos and videos sharper and more true to life colours than ever before. If 5” isn’t big enough then you should look at the Xperia Z Ultra with a 6.4” screen and still packed with quality. It has the same Triluminos display and is also waterproof up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Its powerful 2.2GHz Quad core processor allows you to truly multi task on the device.  News of 6” Xperia T2 Ultra has just been announced we are expecting this April time.

This is certainly a major factor in a lot of peoples purchases and Sony recognise this and have used their knowledge from there digital cameras for the smartphones. Starting with the Sony Xperia L, this handset is a great priced handset and has a marvellous 8 mega pixel camera and screen size of 4.3”. The feel of the L is great with a curved back fitting into your palm nicely. Taking the camera to a whole no world not seen by smartphones before are models such as the Xperia Z, Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra with their capabilities of being fully submerged under water for up to 30 Minutes at a metre deep. The Z1 has dealt with the underwater aspect well by having a physical camera button to take those snaps underwater.

Processor Speed
Having a fast processor is very important now due the capabilities of the phones in terms of Movies music and gaming. The Xperia that stands out for gaming is the Sony Xperia SP with its dual shock controller compatibilities and the device is PlayStation certified meaning you have access to PlayStation Mobile games. The Xperia SP has a 1.7GHz Dual core processer making playing games a joy. As with most things the higher you go in price the better things get and the Xperia range on processor speed is no exception, the Xperia Z runs a 1.5GHz Quad core processor and the Xperia Z1 even faster with a 2.2 GHz Quad core processor.   

The saying that there is a phone for everyone fits really nicely under the Sony Xperia Bracket. Whatever your requirements are there would be an Xperia to fit. Check out the link below and this will show the prices and full specification of the models.

Sony Range



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