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Workman Woes

A lot of people there phone is not just for pleasure it is a work tool used for clients to call and email, the cameras are used to send pictures of Jobs they are working on. The phone is there calendar to hold and remind of appointments. So when this important tool is made unusable maybe it has been dropped and the screen is smashed or the phone has come in contact with water this then can cause major disruption. What we are going to look at is phones that can take the rough and tumble of the work life.

CAT B15 & CAT B25
CAT phones as you would expect are extremely tough handsets, the B25 is a traditional style phone with keypad it had a strong rugged look to it. The CAT B25 has a IP67 rating meaning its Water and dust resistant added to the fact it is encased in durable rubber this is a phone to take the test of time all at a really good price. The B15 is also IP67 rated however this is a Smartphone with a full Gorilla glass touch screen. It runs Android software and opens up the world off apps, emails and lots more still in a rugged hardwearing device. Also a major plus with the B15 is it has a good 5 mega pixel camera ideal for taking a picture while on site.

In the JCB range there is currently 3 phones, starting with the Sitemaster 2 which is an extremely tough handset with IP67 rating for water and dust proof. The phone has the JCB logo on and a 2 mega pixel camera. For those who like a phone to be a phone then this is a good pick. The next level up is the Sitemaster 3G this again as the Sitemaster 2 has the traditional keypad but has an improved camera of 5 mega pixel plus the added bonus of being a 3G handset great for internet use. JCB Pro-Smart completes the range; this is a full touchscreen device using Android. This is ideal for someone wanting to have full internet use and not compromise on toughness.

Not usually one that people associate with tough phones however the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 certainly fit in this category plus give you that better extra. If you wanted still a touch screen water and dust resistant handset but wanted all the latest in Camera and phone technology then you should look at these two devices. They are both IP58 water and dust proof with toughened glass. These are more of a premium price but it what you get with the devices which make it this.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is another Premium hardwearing handset. The S4 Active had ass the power of the popular Galaxy S4 but made tough. It has a IP67 rating and is fully waterproof. With a 5” screen this is a great device to work with.

As phones become crucial every day to a lot of people the importance of having strong glass and good build of handset is a must, which is why the likes of Sony and Samsung have added these features to their Flagship devices. It’s good to see that there is a nice spread of quality available in a robust handset’s. Click on any of the handset links above to find out more.


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