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Phone Repairs Vital for Customers

At Digital Phone Company we now not only supply new phones but have a service to replace phone parts should they become damaged.

All mobile phones come with a warranty, whilst there is also the option to add on an insurance policy, however that obviously increases the costs. 

However, what happens if you DON'T have insurance and you are unfortunate enough to drop your phone onto a hard floor or pointed object and crack the screen? 

Fear not!  Here at Digital Phone Company we may still be able to help.  It's not cheap to repair a broken screen but it is a service we offer.  These are normally classified as "Out of Warranty" or "Non Warranty" Repairs which are processed when the warranty doesnt cover you.  Below we have added a video so you can see how we can replace a screen for your phone should this happen.

So, what happens too if you lean forward and the phone falls out of your top pocket into a sink (or toilet - this is more common than you may think) ?  Well, unfortunately this is often a area where your phone can be deemed to be "BER" or Beyond Economical Repair" - basically it cannot be repaired.

Therefore there are reasons to insure your mobile phone however you could also choose a WATERPROOF smartphone!  There are many smartphones hitting the market which boast this, none more so than Sony.  Water resistance is rated and a good website to visit to understand more can be found by clicking here

Currently the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the most poular waterproof smartphone.  The Sony Z3 Compact is IP68 certified which means it is dust proof and also water proof for depths of up to 1 metre and for up to 30 minutes.

Video Content from Craig Sayer and Richard Goreham


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