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Snake Rewind Coming to Android and iOS this Month

Who remembers spending their time on a mobile playing Snake?  It would have probably been on a Nokia 3310, 3410 or if you were really lavish, the 5110 or even 6110!

Well it's back and this snake has shed it's skin!  Gone are the dull, confined looks of a black and white screen and in comes a flamboyant colour version of the retro game.

The new Snake Rewind will include the following 21st Century adaptions:

  1. Crashed?  Don't worry, simply rewind the snake!
  2. Gain unique powers with special fruit
  3. 10 different levels with distinct music and visuals
  4. Play against other players and connect via Facebook
  5. Fil the whoe screen with the Snake to see what heppens next....

Snake Rewind will come to Android on May 14th......let us know your best scores!


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