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Windows 10 for Phones

Windows 10

Microsoft recently made a handful of announcements at their Windows 10 event in Redmond; one particularly interesting section involved Windows Phone - the operating system that Windows handsets currently run on.
The name of the OS will change to Windows 10 - skipping 9 and matching the versions that run on PC, laptop, and tablet; creating a more cohesive platform.
It is not just the name that will help to bring all versions closer together though, Microsoft are working hard on making the phone version of Windows 10 as close as possible to the version you see on your PC/laptop, and vice-versa. To do this Microsoft has ensured the Settings app is the same as on a PC. The Action Center also looks similar to the new PC one, which means you can dismiss single notifications without clearing them all in one go.
Windows 10 for phones is set for release “later in 2015”, so no-one actually knows exactly when phones will be able to update to it just yet, so keep checking back here for more information in the coming weeks!

Content by Richard Goreham


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