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Google Pixel and Pixel XL announced

Last night Google announced their eagerly awaited Google Pixel device and alongside this the Google Pixel XL.

Whilst different in size both have similar spec.  The Pixel lands as a 5.0" display device whilst the Google Pixel XL is just that bit larger with a 5.5" screen.

With a name of Pixel, it is no surprise that Google is making a large play on the camera technology.  In fact Google promises that these devices have the best camera on the market and this is backed up bu DxOMark who state it is the best they have ever tried!  The  camera has a 12.3 megapixel sensor, 1.55 microns and a f/2.0 aperture.

In addition to the impressive spec of the camera, Google are uniquely is offering unlimited storage of photo's at their original size through Google Photo's.  This is one of the reasons perhaps that Google has deciced a 256GB device is not required and instead offers the choice of 32GB and 128GB.

Google's AI software, Google Assistant,  which has long been in development features on both devices.  To use this simply simply press down the Home Button, or simply say "OK Google".  The software will allow you to ask it questions which it will intelligently answer.

A rear fingerprint sensor can be found on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL whilst unlike Apple, Google have included a 3.5mm headset jack on both devices.

Quite Black, Really Blue and Very Silver whilst perhaps not creative does offer the shopper a clear idea of the colour device they are purchasing.  We like these names. 

The handsets are both now on  pre-order.


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