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LG's 360 Camera shapes new imaging world

LG's new 360 Cam allows you to record video in full 360 degrees, making sure you miss nothing.

The LG 360 CAM incorporates two  wide-angle, 13 megapixel sensors below 180 degree lenses.  Pressing the shutter button allows you to capture pictures whilst pressing and holding will shoot video.  The three microphones included allow the recording of directional audio.

The arrival of 360 CAM coincides with the launch of LG G5 which has a portfolio of "friends" to play with.  The 360 CAM is just one of these new accessories which will transform the way we capture images and video. The new 360 CAM not only enhances your experience, it also provides better grip and boosts the battery life of the device by having it's own power source enhancing the power from 2800mHz to 4000mHz.


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