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Metal for Facebook (and Twitter!)

Metal for Facebook

We all use Facebook; not all of us want to, but there is no denying it’s pretty great for staying in contact with people, even my mum is on there!

However, the Facebook app for Android is renowned for being absolutely terrible. It takes up enormous amounts of memory, and constantly keeps your device in an “awake” state, meaning it’s installation can be detrimental to battery life.

I recently stumbled across “Metal”, it’s basically a web wrapper for the mobile Facebook site but with notifications. It replicates everything the official Facebook app can do, but crucially gives you access to your Messages; something you would need to install another app for if you were running the official Facebook app (Facebook Messenger).

Try it for yourself, uninstall Facebook and FB Messenger and enjoy better battery life and a speedier device by installing Metal, it supports Twitter too!

Richard Goreham - Digital Phone Company


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