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Vodafone Data Capping

We’ve all done it; got our mobile phone bill through and discovered we’ve been charged more than expected. For me it’s data charges; it’s 2016, so I vary rarely make phone calls or send SMS, I use my phone to browse apps and the web and communicate mainly via IM (Instant Messaging) apps like WhatsApp.
Vodafone have introduced data capping to all plans purchased after 5th May 2016. Unlike EE, whose data caps are on by default; Vodafone’s require opting in.

The quickest way to opt in to this by texting “UK cap on” or “UK Cap off” to 40506 from your Vodafone device. Alternatively, you can use the My Vodafone app or login to your account online.

Vodafone seem to be making massive strides recently; they beat O2, Three and EE in P3’s recent independent network tests, scooping the best voice network, best network in London and most improved network.

Of course not everyone will have one of Vodafone’s latest tariffs, but fear not, if you have an Android phone you can use the built in Data Usage feature to view and limit your data usage.

To set this up follow the below instructions:
  1. Go to Settings > Data Usage.
  2. Click “Set Mobile Data Limit”.
  3. If the date listed beneath this is different to the day your allowance refreshes, tap on this and select Change Cycle. Then set the correct day your allowance refreshes.
  4. On the graph, you’ll now have two lines; a data limit and a data usage warning.
  5. Drag the top one (the limit) up or down until it matches your monthly data limit.
  6. You can also drag the lower of the two lines (the warning) to enable a notification when you hit your warning        amount.

These instructions may vary slightly on other Android versions.


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