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Chrome Cast

Ever wanted to watch a YouTube video on your TV? Listen to your Google Play Music collection in the living room? Catch up on Eastenders on the BBC iPlayer?

If you have a TV with HDMI input then Google has the perfect device. Google ChromeCast looks like a USB memory stick - albeit a bit chunkier – that connects to your TV via the HDMI port. Once installed it then allows you to share online content from your phone to the big screen.

Setting up is easy, download the ChromeCast companion Android app or visit

ChromeCast works slightly differently to other similar devices like Apple’s AirPlay; ChromeCast connects to your WiFi and streams directly from the internet, your phone or tablet simply becomes a remote control.

There are multiple apps available that can stream their content to your TV via ChromeCast, the best of which are BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Realplayer Cloud. RealPlayer Cloud can even cast your local media to your TV so if you want to share your holiday snaps and videos that are on your phone with you friends and family, you no longer have to gather around your phone, simply send them to the big screen!


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