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FREE Vodafone Sure Signal Box Offer


Sometimes when changing Mobile Networks the doubt springs into your mind, "Will the Mobile Phone Signal be good enough at my Home or Place of Work?".  Well, the Vodafone Sure Signal Box can eliminate this doubt and we have decided to include a FREE Vodafone Sure Signal Box worth £79.99 on many of our top handsets.

The Device, which will provide you with a perfect phone signal, removes any doubt you may have and we hope you like the offers we have provided.  Before we mention those however, please read on to find out a little more about this fabulous free gift:

What is Vodafone Sure Signal?

Vodafone Sure Signal is a box no bigger than most home wireless routers. It connects to your home broadband connection (don’t worry, it’s simple to do) and boosts 3G mobile signal around your house. Put simply, Vodafone Sure Signal can help you get good reception wherever you live – even if it’s a total blackspot.

Do I need Vodafone Sure Signal?

Vodafone Sure Signal is ideal if you live out in the countryside, in a basement flat or in an older building with thick walls that can block mobile signals.  It’s also great if up to four people in the same house want to make calls or be online with mobile internet at the same time. 

What do I need for Vodafone Sure Signal? For Vodafone Sure Signal to work in your home, you’ll need:

  • Fixed-line home broadband with a minimum speed of 1MB
  • A Vodafone 3G mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or internet dongle. 
  • A Vodafone Sure Signal box

Up to 32 numbers (from phones and dongles to tablets) can be registered to use your Vodafone Sure Signal – but only four devices can connect to it at the same time.

The Offer....

The FREE Vodafone Sure Signal is available on the LG Prada 3, the Nokia Lumia 800 Series, Sony Ericsson Arc S, Sony Xperia S, Motorola Razr and also the HTC One X.  Simply click on any of the listed products to go straight to the offer!



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