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Have you experienced Google Home yet?

I have been using the Google Home Mini Speakers and Google Home App for approx. 3 months now and what an amazing piece of kit. Some of the things that I use my Google Mini for are playing Music, Controlling Lights, asking questions, checking Weather, setting Alarms plus much more.
With the way that technology is moving and the way that many homes will soon be ‘live’ and controlled via apps/voice it is a fantastic start. For Google Home to be compatible with controlling your lights you will need compatible bulbs from the likes of Hive, Philips Hue and others, which are connected to your home Wi-Fi.
Just being able to say ’Hey Google, switch on the lounge light’ or ‘Hey Google, what is the weather going to be tomorrow’ without leaving your chair makes life so easy as well as making you slightly lazy. On the flip side with how busy people are it is something that you can do whilst cooking a meal or looking something up on the internet. Multitasking at a whole new level.
The Google home Mini speaker is not only there for you to talk to, send commands and receive answers, but it is also a very good music speaker with volume control.  All commands, including volume, can be controlled via voice. You can have more than one speaker, I currently have two - one in the lounge and the other upstairs but they are both linked to the one Google Account. These are linked to my Spotify account so playing music is very easy and just a case of asking Google to play whatever song you want. You can also be playing different music on each speaker.
How many times have you been shopping and then returned home to realise that you have forgotten something? In the Google Home App there is a shopping list so whenever you run out of something you can ask Google to add ‘Milk’ to the shopping list. Your shopping list is managed for you on your phone. Not only that but Google Home will recognise different voices so you can have separate shopping lists for you and your partner or you can have a primary shopping list that you both have access too.
Fancy a game whilst you have friends round? Then you can ask Google to play a game and it will set up a gameshow type quiz. It really is a fun piece of kit and is so easy to use. Out of the box you just need to download the Google Home App and then pair the Google Home Mini to your Wi-Fi. It is that simple.

Written by Craig Sayer - Digital Phone Company


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