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Mobile Phone Health Claims "No convincing evidence"

We have seen bold statements over the past decade as to whether the use of a mobile phone does, or does not, affect human health.  Today the latest claim made is that there is "no convincing evidence" that mobile phones can adversely affect human health.

The review was completed by the Health Protection Agency's Independent Advisory Group specifically for Non-ironising Radiation.

There report states that after looking at numerous studies they could find no replicated examples of cancer caused by mobile phones.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, chairman of the advisory group and an epidemiologist at the Institute of Cancer Research said: "There has now been a very large amount of research conducted, which wasn't true 10 years ago, and we have much firmer information than we had on several areas, for instance symptoms, cognitive effects, brain tumours, than we had then."  He added that you "can't prove negatives" in science, but that there was "accumulating reassurance" about a lack of health effects and that the field was moving "in that direction".

The Health Protection Agency said it "supports and appreciates [the] thorough review" but would continue with a "precautionary" response while keeping the science under review. The agency recommends that "excessive" use of mobile phones by children should be minimised.



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