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Sony Smart Watch 2 Review


The Sony Smartwatch 2 has landed and is now available to view in all our stores. We all had a good insight into the watch and its capability’s and overall thoughts on this were very positive indeed. Even an iPhone user stated he will be upgrading his next phone to an android device to be able to use the Sony Smartwatch 2.

At first glance the watch has a really elegant look and has the Sony Brand logo stylishly on the front, the watch comes with a Black or Silver strap but many different colour straps are available for this too.

On the display at the bottom you have 3 touch buttons as you would on a phone, Back button, Home button and a settings key. On the right side of the watch is the power button in the same style as the Sony Xperia Z1’s power key. 

The watch is charged by micro USB, this is situated to the left of the watch.  On the battery side of this, I have tested this a few different ways and with heavy use daily the battery lasts an impressive 3 days.  What’s also really great is it takes under an hour to fully charge. With steady use the watch can happily last a week without charge.


Favorite Features

Where do I start, Well one of my favorite things that I use a lot is the ability to read texts on the watch and reply with predetermined texts. (You can change and add these on your handset) Also the ability to view you emails at a glance has been extremely helpful when in meetings and out and about. 

Also something else I love to use a lot is the phone answering from the smart watch. When I’m out running listening to music via a Bluetooth headset, with my phone in my rucksack, when the phone rings I accept the call on the watch and take the call via the headset.


Glancing at social networking has now been made so simple I can choose whether to see all or selected peoples tweets and comments plus also I have the ability to Like/Re tweet from the watch.

My latest find on the watch is some classic games like solitaire and Black Jack ideal for that trip on the tube or bus.  An even greater find was now an app called Smart Camera which allows my watch to turm my camera on and view the scene on the watch PLUS capture the photo.

All in all I think this is a great time to be involved in this technology and each day new apps for this are being made and improved. I’ve not even mentioned the fact you can start your music playing and change tracks from the watch! 

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By John Sherwood.



Posted by tom on 06/12/2013 14:11

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